Building Pauze in public — Genesis

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

We are excited to introduce Pauze and our mission

At Pauze we are on a mission to make mindful eating more accessible

Why Mindful Eating?

During the pandemic, we hit refresh on our lifestyle — learning about Mindful Eating, Health at Every Size and embracing meditation and joyful movement. Mindful eating became a very personal journey for us as we recovered from the psychological and physical effects of diet culture.

We have benefited so much from the community and see Pauze as a way to give back and support the community by improving access to knowledge and resources.

Why Build in Public?

We chose to build in public for the following reasons:

  1. We want to be authentic and build trust with the community
  2. We want to be approachable
  3. We want to share what we learn as we build

We are really excited to be embarking on this journey to make mindful eating more accessible. Thanks for following along!

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We are on a mission to make mindful eating accessible